Let's go to Megahira Ski Resort and play in the snow!

What You Can Do at Megahira Ski Resort

You can enjoy fun activities unique to snowy areas where you slide down a hillside covered in snow, called a slope, using board-shaped equipment such as skis or a snowboard.



Enjoy sliding across the snow riding equipment called a "sled." You slide sitting down, making it easy for first timers and children to try out. You can slide only on the sled-designated slope.

Skiing & Snowboarding

In "skiing," you wear boards on each foot and hold sticks called ski poles in each hand to slide over the snow. In "snowboarding," you stand facing sideways on a single board, like in surfing. To enjoy both skiing and snowboarding, you put on dedicated wear, gloves, and boots. Once you get the hang of it, use the moving chairs, called a "lift," to climb the mountain and then enjoy sliding down the slope.

For your safetey, please read rules and regulations at Megahira Ski Resort.

Check out rules and regulations>>

At Megahira Ski Resort, even complete beginners
who do not have any equipment can
enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

We rent and sell equipment.

You can come to Megahira Ski Resort empty-handed! You can rent the wear and dedicated boots necessary when skiing or snowboarding, as well as equipment such as skis or sleds. We also sell gloves and hats.

At our school, we teach the basic sliding techniques.

Our cheerful instructors are waiting for you!

We offer lessons from instructors so you can quickly get the hang of skiing or snowboarding.

We offer special plans
that make it easy to enjoy Megahira Ski Resort.

There's no need to prepare burdensome luggage.
You can rent everything you need.

Megahira Ski Resort has outstanding access.
You can come here easily.

Expressway bus
(Get off at the Yoshiwa Service Area on the Chugoku Expressway, the closest stop)

Iwami Kotsu Expressway Bus "To Masuda"
(From Hiroshima Station Shinkansen Gate, getting off at Yoshiwa Service Area)1,750 yen, one-way

Hiroshima Station Shinkansen Gate
to Yoshiwa Service Area

  • ① 8:05 → 9:26
  • ② 11:20 → 12:41

Yoshiwa Service Area to
Hiroshima Station Shinkansen Gate

  • ③ 13:50 → 15:10
  • ④ 17:40 → 19:00

Hiroshima Station Expressway
Bus Platform

The expressway bus platform at Hiroshima Station is expressway bus platform #3, on the Hiroshima Station Shinkansen Gate side. Please take a boarding ticket when you board the bus. When getting off the bus, please hand over your boarding ticket and pay the 1,750 yen fare. Please fasten your seatbelt when you board the bus.

Shuttle Bus from the Yoshiwa Service Area

Shuttle Bus from the Yoshiwa Service Area


Please get off the bus at the Yoshiwa Service Area (westbound) and wait at the bus stop.


Please wait for your bus to arrive at the booth in front of the bus stop.

Shuttle bus to Yoshiwa Service Area available

Shuttle bus requires reservations. Please make a reservation by 3pm on the day before. 

Call us for shuttle bus reservation.


Book a shuttle bus

Easy to reach by family car or rental car.

Only 2km from the Yoshiwa Interchange on the Chugoku Expressway. This is one of the most convenient resorts in Hiroshima for quick access from the expressway.You can reach our ski resort quickly and easily on holidays, weekends, or weekdays - any time you are struck with the sudden urge to hit the slopes.

Hiroshima IC Iwakuni Airport Hiroshima Airport
45min.by car
75min.by car
100min.by car
Hiroshima IC Approx.
45min.by car
Iwakuni Airport Approx.
75min.by car
Hiroshima Airport Approx.
100min.by car

Turn right at the traffic light when you come out of Yoshiwa IC, then right again at the next traffic light, go on for 200m to the end of the road, then turn right again and it’s about 1km to Megahira.

You can also use the ski bus that goes directly to Megahira Ski Resort.
A lift ticket is included in the fare.

Hiroko Kanko (Hiroshima Station Shinkansen Gate to Megahira Ski Resort) Reservations required

Ski bus (To Megahira Ski Resort)

Hiroko Kanko (Hiroshima Station Shinkansen Gate to Megahira Ski Resort) Reservations required

Make reservations at

Hiroko Kanko


Hiroko Kanko Home page

* If using the ski bus, you will not be able to attend our school due to the arrival times.

We also offer expansive facilities and services
you can enjoy in addition to playing in the snow.

You can enjoy hot springs.

photo:Kur Garden,45,000year-old bath,Stone bath

We have an "outdoor bath" you can enjoy naked, and the "Kur Garden," a mixed-sex bath where you wear a bathing suit.
Hot springs bathing and Kur Garden hot springs bathing can be used with both day trips and overnight trips.

You can enjoy the local cuisine.

We offer everything from simple fast food to kaiseki meals featuring local cuisine.
*Please inquire if you would like vegetarian, vegan, or halal meals.

Overnight accommodation
"Megahira Hot Springs Quelle Yoshiwa"

Convenient for enjoying skiing and snowboarding while staying overnight.

There are various accommodation plans available.

Starting at 27,000 yen for 2 people

(1 night, including 2 meals & discount voucher for rental ski & snowboading equipments)

Go to Booking.com